Guide To Phone Chat

Phone chat is another level for online dating. Talking on the phone would help two people know more about each other, however, the problem about phone chat is the fact that it is quite difficult to maintain good conversation. This is why, there are some things one has to keep in mind when it comes to phone chatting.

The best way to keep conversation going is to ask questions. Usually, asking questions would lead to interesting conversation. Moreover, asking questions would prevent any awkward silence during the call. Most of all, it will prevent the other party from being bored.

It is also important to be a good listener, especially for men. Usually, it is the women who love to talk. They would talk about a lot of things regarding themselves, their work, their neighbors, their friends, their relative and almost anything. Paying attention to what the other part says will be a significant thing for them.

Make yourself interesting on the phone but not too much. Being over enthusiastic will backfire. The same thing can be said when you sugarcoat your words. Most of all, don’t exaggerate things. Just be yourself. Make your stories interesting to the other line.

Avoid long pauses during phone chats. Pauses will lead to discomfort to the other person. And since there’s no way a person on the other line can hear your awe, dismay, joy or any other emotions, then you have to expressive. Most important thing of all is don’t be timid and don’t hold yourself back.


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